Amazon Quiz Answer 10 July 2021 Win 15000 Pay Balance


Amazon Quiz Answer Today Live•– You Can Submit The Correct Amazon Quiz Answer Then You Will Enter The Lucky Draw To Win Exciting Prizes Daily Amazon Quiz and Amazon confirms the winners After That Amazon will contact each winner individually through email/SMS and Amazon will also post the winners names list on amazon.

Amazon Quiz is a program in which Amazon users can participate and win a variety of gifts such as Sony Home Theater, Seagate HDD, iPhone X, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Fossil Explorist SmartWatch, Sony Portable Party System and Many More Exciting Prizes.

amazon quiz answer today

Today Amazon Quiz Details

Name Daily Amazon Quiz 
Prize 15000 Pay Balance
Time Start AT 12AM 
Date 10 July 2021
Winner Check it

Amazon Quiz Answer 10 July Win 15000 Pay Balance

1. The Full Moon Of May Is Known As What?

ANS- (C) Flower Moon

2. At The 2021 PGA Championship, Who Became The Oldest Major Championship Winner In History At The Age Of 50 Years?

ANS- (D) Phil Mickelson

3. European Space Agency’s Mars Rover For The ExoMars Programme Is Named After Which Famous Scientist?

ANS- (A) Rosalind Franklin

4. Which Alcoholic Drink Is Made Primarily With This Ingredient?

ANS- (C) Mead

5. Which Unit Of Measurement Is Used To Measure These Structures?

ANS- (A) Pyramid Inch
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Amazon Quiz 9 July 2021

1. Scientists Have Recently Discovered A New Species Of African Violet Plant In Which State Of India?

ANS- (B) Mizoram

2. Yuan Longping, A Chinese Agronomist Who Recently Passed Away, Is Known For Developing The First Varieties Of What In The 1970s?

ANS- (C) Hybrid Rice

3. In The G7 Summit, Which Country Proposed A Minimum Global Corporation Tax Rate Of 15%?


4. What Is This Animal Called?

ANS- (A) Bobcat

5. Which Online Video Game Store Is Named After This Water Phenomenon?

ANS- (C) Steam

What is Amazon Quiz

Amazon is India’s largest and popular online shopping platform which attracts customers every day and keeps offering offers every day and this time it has brought Amazon Quiz. You Can Submit The Correct Amazon Quiz Answers Then You Will Enter The Lucky Draw To Win exciting Prizes Amazon Quiz Answer.

Amazon has run a program named Amazon Quiz under which any Amazon user can participate in this competition and win prizes every day. There are many types of quizzes in Amazon App in which you are asked to answer five questions and the winners are chosen by lucky draw.

How To Play Amazon Quiz Answer Today 

Step-1 Sign in to the Amazon App. In case you are not signed in, you will be directed to a sign in page.

Step-2 Go To Amazon FunZone & Play Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Step-3 There will be a total of 5 questions

Step-4 Answer all the questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.

Step-5 All winners list have received an email/SMS confirmation about their prize with the expected date of delivery.

How Can I Win A Prizes?

You can win a prize after playing a game that can offer you either a guaranteed prize or a chance to enter the lucky draw.

-in the case of “Better luck next time” you will not be eligible to win any reward from that game

-To win or enter lucky draw you must answer all the question of a quiz correctly

-in case of other games like Spin & Win, Tap & Win, Funzone Jackpot, to win the prize/enter the lucky draw you must answer the mandatory question correctly.

-some games like Bottle Shooter, Road master, Bubble Wipeout offer no Rewards.

Does entering the Lucky Draw Guarantee a Win?

No, entering the lucky draw does not guarantee a win it means that you have been added to a list of customers who are all eligible to win Winners are randomly chosen from this list of the customers without any human intervention.

How do I know if I have Won a Game?

all lucky draw winners are sent SMS or email notification to intimate their win alternately you can search for funzone and click on lucky draw winners tab and select the month and contest name that you participated in to search for your name. Guaranteed winners of Amazon pay balance receive SMS 48hrs once the amount is created in their Amazon pay wallet.

Guaranteed winners of discount coupons can collect their coupons at the end of the game play or visit your rewards sections on the Amazon pay page to collect the coupons.

When & Where are Lucky Draw Winners annnounced on Amazon?

Lucky draw winners are announced one day after the contest end on the lucky draw winners section on the fun zone page to visit this page simply search for funzone in the search for a bar or ask Alexa to go to games. alternately winners also receive SMS or email or notification when they draw contest.

How I Claim my Prize?

Click on the link received in the SMS or notification or email to claim the prize and acknowledge terms & conditions after reading them. note winners should claim the prize within 7 days of receiving the confirmation email or message in order to receive their prize.

By When Will Receive The Prize After Claiming?

Winners will receive their prize as per the delivery date mentioned on the winner announcement page for every content the delivery date is also mention in the terms & conditions for each game. generally, Amazon pay balance is created in Amazon pay wallet within 5 to 7 working days and in of a product, it could take up to 45 days for the product to be delivered to your address.

What Steps do I need to take for my prize to be delivered on Time?

you to receive your prize on time please ensure that your phone number and email id are updated in your Amazon account as the winners are notified via SMS or email. Once you receive the email please claim your prize within 7 days of receiving the mail or message or notification and mention the correct shipping address pin-code and phone number. the shipping address cannot be changed once submitted by you in case your pin code is not serviceable Amazon customer service will be connected with you for an alternate shipping address or we will credit an equivalent amount in your amazon pay wallet.

How Can I Track My Prize?

You will receive a notification or SMS and email when your Amazon pay wallet is created with the amount you have won. in case of a physical prize, we will recommend you to wait till the delivery date mentioned on the winner announcement page for every content and reach out to Amazon customer service in case the price is not delivered to the address given by you at the time of claiming.

Is the Amazon quiz prize real?

Everyday Amazon quiz are offered by Amazon, in which millions of people participate, but only by lucky draw the winners are chosen. Amazon quiz are genuine, so a list of winners of the Amazon quiz is provided which is proof of its real.

How does Amazon quiz work?

Amazon has introduced Amazon quiz for its users in which Amazon users can win Exciting prizes by playing this quiz. Amazon quiz work on lucky draw, so first you have to answer the questions given in the Amazon quiz correctly Then you are able to join the draw then you have to play Amazon quiz if you want as much as the Exciting prize of Amazon.

How are Amazon quiz winners selected?

According to amazon, if your answer all the quiz Contest questions correctly, you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered all the Contest quiz questions correctly. The draw of lots will be carried out at the end of the Contest Period and a total of 100 (hundred) participants will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots.

Can I win Amazon quiz?

Yes, you can win the Amazon quiz for which you have to answer five questions asked in the Amazon quiz everyday and then the user who gives the correct answer is chosen as the winner by lucky draw, so everyday the answers to the right questions of the Amazon quiz Use the MyZon Quiz website for yourself.

Where is Amazon quiz?

Amazon quiz is launched for Amazon’s user, so first you have to create an account on Amazon and you can win great prize from Amazon quiz by going to Amazon funzone by Amazon app and answering the questions asked in Amazon quiz correctly.

Does Amazon really give prizes?

The Amazon Quiz has been launched for indian users which is attended by millions of people every day in which many people have won great prizes as well as a list of winners is given which is the proof of the genuineness of the Amazon quiz.

Please note that we may be running similar contests or promotions at the same time as this Contest. By entering this Contest, you will not be eligible to receive any prize awarded in any other contest unless you enter each contest separately.

Amazon confirms the winners After That Amazon will contact each winner individually through email/SMS. Amazon will also post the winners names on winners Check Your Name If You Play amazon Quiz Daily.

Different quizes are conducted daily by Amazon, in which you can win prizes by participating, so you can subscribe to us to get information about every quiz of Amazon. This is all about amazon daily quiz. I have mentioned almost everything you should know about it. Now it’s your turn to keep visiting this page and play the quiz. Wishing best of luck from

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